An Open Letter from Kat Evasco

Dear Family and Friends,

Many of you know that I am pursuing a career in theater and production management, and many of you know that I have been involved in theater since 2005.  I would like to give you a little more background. In 2005, I was a student of Allyson Tintianco-Cubales in the course of Asian American Community Arts Workshops. Through this course I became an intern of Bindlestiff Studio and participated in the first FOB Show. When I got introduced to Bindlestiff Studio, I was inspired by a group of Pilipino and Filipino American artists that ranged from visual artists, to musicians, to theater, and stand up comedy. I thought Filipinos weren’t suppose to pursue careers in art! I thought we were all programmed to be nurses, lawyers, and default white collar jobs. I instantly became a regular volunteer at Bindlestiff Studio, which exposed me to a lot of different artists, shows, and — for free! Because I signed up to volunteer for any show that went up, I was eventually recruited onto the Production Team (PT) and served in 2006.

Bindlestiff Studio changed my life in very evident and tangible ways, as well as the not-so-obvious and intangible ways. For the first time in my life, I developed a passion for something – THEATER. The beautiful effects of theater began to ripple into my life; my grades went up and I eventually graduated from SFSU with a B.A. in Asian American Studies, I continued to get promoted within Citibank. Overall, I became motivated and found a forum (the stage) to express what was important to me as an individual. In 2007, I co-produced the Bakla Show which showcased a multiplicity of narratives from a queer Filipino American perspective. In 2008, I was introduced to the art of stand up comedy where I continued to explore whatever humor I experience as a Pinay and as a lesbian. Today, I continue my work with the Bakla Show preparing for its third show in 2013, which will showcase the unique stories of LGBTQI Filipino Youth across the nation. I continue to perform stand up comedy and currently co-writing my very first autobiographical one-woman show titled Mommie Queerest, premiering at Bindlestiff Studio December of this year.

My current position as the Funds Director for Bindlestiff Studio has provided me the opportunities to learn how to write grants, cultivation and stewardship of donors, and develop Bindlestiff Studio’s very first DEBUT Membership Program. As part of the Board of Directors for almost two years, I have gained knowledge and experience in organizational development and played a big role in drafting Bindlestiff Studio’s 3-year Strategic Plan. This year, I am preparing my application to Columbia University’s MFA Program in Theater Management and Producing and DePaul University’s MFA program in Arts Leadership. I would not be so clear about my purpose in life, if not for the inspiration Bindlestiff Studio.

I can go on, and on, and on about what a positive influence Bindlestiff has made in my life and life of other Pilipino and Filipino Americans. I ask for your help to preserve Pilipino and Filipino American Performing Arts, and make a pledge towards the Adopt a Theater Capital Campaign. […] By making a pledge, you will be immortalized on our Adopt a Theater Mural as an integral supporter of our opening. Please be a part of the historical opening of the first and only theater space in the nation dedicated to cultivating Pilipino and Filipino American Artists.

Maraming Salamat,


Kat Evasco
Funds Director and Board Chair
Bindlestiff Studio 

Contribute to Bindlestiff Studio


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