The 12th Annual Queer Pin@y Conference took place at UC Santa Barbara this past weekend — Saturday, November 19th — and Bakla Show co-producer, Shannon Lee L. Pacaoan, was there to experience the full day of workshops, speakers and performances.

This year’s mission:

 The theme and slogan for this year’s QPC is [Re] Generation: Reviving Our Past, Creating Our Future. The meaning of [Re] Generation symbolizes a strong collective of all of our different identities into a single hybrid of knowledge and activism. Through understanding past successes and setbacks, QPC can better address and challenge issues that both the Pin@y and Queer community face in contemporary society. We can do this by reviving our roots, learning from the past. In order to create our future, establish ourselves now for our continued growth for generations to come.

The Bakla Show would like to thank and congratulate the QPC organizers for providing a safe and empowering space for queer Filipino youth. We look forward to continue building with the folks we connected with at this conference.

Come back soon to read more about QPC@UCSB. Shannon will return with a three-part series, focused on the workshops she attended while at the conference.

Queer Pin@y Conference 2011

Last year, you may have seen Bakla Show co-producer, Kat Evasco, perform at Queer Pin@y Conference 2010: Infuse the Movement at UC Santa Cruz. And it probably looked and sounded a little like this:


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