Balikbayan Art Installation: Dates Extended

photo provided by Marc OwlBoogie Aure

Photographer, Ann Borja, garnered well-deserved attention for Balikbayan:

an art installation featuring Ann Borja’s portraiture, highlighting some of Bindlestiff Studio’s past and present leadership. After 8 years of nomadic theater making, September 2011 marks the celebration of Bindlestiff Studio’s return. The installation is on display at Bindlestiff Studio and is in conjunction with 24 Days of Central Market Arts.

Balikbayan is a prelude to Ann’s ongoing black and white portraiture work of past and present Bindlestiff leaders and artists to be showcased in the future. Balikbayan’s style draws influence from Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol.

The art installation was part of Bindlestiff Studio’s ribbon cutting ceremony as well as the “2 Blocks of Art” event.

The Bakla Show Producers, Kat Evasco and Shannon Lee L. Pacaoan, were both honored with an invitation from Borja to sit as subjects for Balikbayan. And we are excited to hear the exhibit is extended until the end of December!

If you have the opportunity, see the first installment of Balikbayan at 185 6th Street in San Francisco.

This art exhibit is a FREE event, and does not include entrance into MOMMY QUEEREST that begins at 8:00 pm (Thursday through Saturday).  Please purchase your tickets for MOMMY QUEEREST ahead of time, or be prepared to purchase tickets at the door.


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