Melvign Badiola

Melvign Badiola got his start at Bindlestiff Studio doing tech for Stories High 9. It is where he learned that sometimes hard work is staying in the tech booth nine to ten hours for q2q. In which by the third hour, one should take a quick smoke break! He has been in numerous productions ever since. The Love Edition 2: Turned On, was his acting debut. Although he did get his first lick of the stage in the first ever Bakla Show in 2007. Also doing double duty by writing “Void” for the Show. You would often find him chewing on peanut butter twix or munching through a whole package of Oreos, which he is more than happy to share. Just don’t say he’s getting a “lil top heavy” or this seemingly charismatic fellow will blow fire outta his ass and eradicate you! Suck my taint!!!!!


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