Rose Almario

Rose Buenaflor Almario alias ‘Tita Rose” likes to thank Bindlestiff for giving her an opportunity to perform for the second time in The Bakla Show. Tita Rose started acting since she was young in the Philippines. Ateneo de Davo awarded her a scholarship to pursue a course in dramatics. Her mentor in the Philippines was Nancy Tranchemontagne then in the 70’s joined PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Asso). She was lucky to work with Lino Brocka who was then the most awarded movie director before he had that fatal accident. That was then the Martial law era when Cecile Guidote (the founder of PETA) was forced to go on exile and the theater’s growth was stifled and most of the actors joined the movie industry. When she immigrated here in US she took acting lessons with Michael Mansfield. If she is not performing she works as a full-time preschool director in her school which she founded 11 years ago.

Since 2004’s Eight Stories High Production, she has been performing on stage in the likes of Anak Ti Diablo a major production written by Patty Cachepero, Alamat also a major production, “Forever and Ever Amen” written by Aureen Almario, “Barriers” written by Shannon Pacaoan in the first Bakla Show, Pagbabalik written by Aimee Suzara and Brothers and Sisters written by Noenie Demira and directed by RJ, and in 2010 Bakla Show “And Isa Makes Three” written by Michelle Ferrer and directed by Judith Ferrer. She also made 3 short films namely: “Manicure” written and directed by Lorna Velasco, “Free Is True” written and directed by John Fernandez and most recently “Generations” written by Teresa Navarro and Kevin Wong whom he has also directed. She has also done some script reading for Jeannie Barroga.


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