Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales

In Tagalog, Mahal means love and Malaya means free. On March 1, 2004, drawing from these two concepts, Allyson and Val Tintiangco-Cubales birthed Mahalaya to represent the marriage between LOVE and FREEDOM in their personal and political lives. Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales has come to embody her name in so many ways. She employs art, music, and dance to share messages of love and freedom. She dances with an award-winning performance group at Westlake School of Performing Arts. Along with her love for her performance, she also enjoys academics as a kindergartener at Longfellow Elementary School in San Francisco, California. She has recently given her first speech on freedom and democracy where she shared her concerns about educational budget cuts and remedies for elected officials to address them. Afterschool Mahalaya participates in Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) where she learns about Filipina/o American history, culture, and activism. On her “spare” time, she loves imitating the food channel, writing and illustrating books, and singing Madonna and Michael Jackson songs. One of her favorite books is And Tango Makes Three. She is very proud to add to her biography this first acting gig in Bindlestiff Studio’s “The Bakla Show: Myths Retold, Realities Unfold” where she plays Isa(belle) in “And Isa Makes Three,” written by Michelle Ferrer.


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