A Pinoy Midsummer Interview Questions

In exciting news, we have scheduled an exclusive interview with Director, Lorna Velasco and actors Tonilyn Sideco and Aureen Almario from the recent sold-out show, A Pinoy Midsummer! Perchance we will discuss the work invested incorporating Tagalog into the classic Shakespeare script and the possible insecurities of effectively communicating to non-Tagalog speaking audience members as Bay Area theatre critic Lily Janiak touches on in her review on her personal blog. Maybe we’ll talk about ‘the subject of Marriage Equality in this over 400 year play’ as playwright Conrad A. Panganiban discusses in his review of the show. Or maybe we’ll talk about our anticipation for the next Pretty Little Liars episode.

But we are giving you the chance to help steer the conversation! We are accepting questions from you. We’ll choose the best and make sure they’re included in the interview.

Please send your questions in by Friday, September 28, with the hashtag #BaklaDream.

And check back soon with the full interview!


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