Transcripts for THE BAKLA SHOW: Visibility for LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@s Promo Video

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VOICE, OFF-SCREEN: From one half of the bamboo a feminine being named babae came to life. From the other half, a masculine being named lalaki emerged. Between the masculine and the feminine existed another powerful force of fluidity and unity, known as ka.

Ka is our strength.

Ka is our beauty.

Ka is our wholeness.

SHANNON: Hi, my name is Shannon Pacaoan and I am the co-creator and producer of The Bakla Show. The Bakla Show is a groundbreaking theatrical production that explores the experiences of LGBTQ Filipinos and Filipinas.

KAT: Hi, my name is Kat Evasco and I am a co-creator of The Bakla Show. After conversing with Shannon, we were talking about the term “bakla” and how it’s usually used to describe effeminate men in a very derogatory way and we wanted to reclaim the term bakla, not just for gay men but also for queer

women, bisexuals, everything. We just wanted to be inclusive of other people, including transgender folks. We started The Bakla Show in 2006 and it was actually produced in 2007 at Bindlestiff Studio.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Bindlestiff Studio – the only theater in the United States dedicated to the Filipino American experience – beaks new ground with the Bakla Show. With this series of short vignettes, the performance spaces notes to the coming-out-to-your-traditional-community quandary… Though the term Bakla used to refer primarily to effeminate gay Filipino men, the show presents a more inclusive portraiture of queerness. Traditional stereotypes get smacked down…” – Gluckstern, Bay Area Guardian, January 2007

SHANNON: In 2010, The Bakla Show 2 focused on myths and folklore that explored both Filipino identity and our queer identity. Due to an increase of visibility of gay teen suicides and in response to bullying and homophobia that has gained more attention in the past few years, we have decided to produce The Bakla Show III.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: “The fine and performing arts provide a way for young people to explore the Asian American experience, develop a healthy ethnic identity, and identify with others who have had similar experiences.” – Yellowworld: Depression & Suicidal Ideation among Young Asian Americans (2004)

ANTMEN: Hi, my name is Antmen Pimentel Mendoza, assistant producer of The Bakla Show III. This time around, The Bakla Show wants to shift its focus on staging the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and gender non-conforming Filipino youth. And here’s where you come in! We’re looking for queer Filipino voices! So please share this video with your friends, your loved ones, your family. Be on the look out for our call for submissions.

SHANNON: Our submission guidelines will be posted on our website. And connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter & Facebook: @thebaklashow

KAT: And we’ll see you at the show. Thank you so much!

Interviews provided by
Matthew Abaya & Tara Perez

Edited by
Tara Perez

Ann Borja
Nina De Torres Ignacio
Lian Ladia

Poster Images
Amy Diaz-Infante & Conrad Panganiban

Musical Score
Ron Quesada

The Bakla Show Footage provided by
Gregory Manalo

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