The Bakla Show Journal Experiment

Photo by Ann Borja

Through holding the space of The Bakla Show 3, our production team seeks to continue a tradition of healing, building and reconciling our identities, communities and experiences through the arts. We firmly believe that holding such a space demands that we also actively engage in fun and experimentation.

Journaling is a common enough activity yet its benefits are often overlooked: Journaling is a therapeutic and fun activity that encourages investment in familiarity with one’s self and engages brain activity. In the name of healing and fun, The Bakla Show 3 production team has compiled a few prompts in line with our production’s theme of “youth” to breathe life into new opportunities to reconnect with yourselves and each other.

Come back and check our website regularly as we begin to unveil the youth-themed prompts tomorrow morning! We hope that some creative juices flow, some pens write freely and some journals are lovingly compiled. Feel free to send your journal entries into us at so that we may highlight the work of our community right here on our blog.

We encourage folks to keep the possibility of submitting to The Bakla Show 3 in mind as they join us in this venture. Our submission period is open all the way through to December 31.


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