Marketing Team

We are proud to announce the newest members OF our Production Team!


Riko Fluchel Bio PhotoRiko Fluchel holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, with a self-designed concentration in Queer Filipin@ Studies and Creative Writing. His theoretical and artistic work explores temporality, postcolonialism, melancholy, feminist political theory, and all the pain and beauty of diasporic experience and identity. Riko, in collaboration with another queer Filipina partner, made his film debut at MIX 26 in NYC with “manlalakbay ng kalawakan // celestial traveler,” which explores the topics of home, belonging and queer world-making as a queer Filipin@ in the diaspora. He was also a Co-Founder, Route Planner and Social Media Coordinator of a non-profit group called Co-Cycle, which leads bicycle tours of cooperative businesses in the continental United States. There, Riko gained intensive experience in marketing and fundraising. Co-Cycle was a huge success due to its Marketing and Social Media team, which garnered international attention and press coverage, as well as sponsorships by organizations such as the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, The National Cooperative Business Association, and the Steering Committee for the United Nation’s International Year of the Cooperative. Co-Cycle’s journey was documented by a film crew, and the full feature “To The Moon” will be released in various film festivals in spring 2014. He looks forward to now contributing his energy and passion towards making The Bakla Show 3 a huge success, and to continuing the important work of articulating what it means to be queer and Filipin@, and what this might reveal about the possibilities of future worlds.

Wayne Sy Bio Photo Wayne Allendale L. Sy is a queer Filipino American, fresh out of college, and is cautiously optimistic about facing the real world. He was born in the Philippines and moved to California in 2009, and as such, identifies with the “1.5 generation” of immigrants. Currently a proud alum of University of California, Davis with a BS in psychology, he aspires to eventually get into medical school and become a physician leading groundbreaking research on HIV and AIDS. In addition, he enjoys advocating for social justice for the queer community, as well as communities of color. He is especially active in safe spaces that cater to the intersections of queer and Asian identities. One day, he hopes to incorporate these passions with medicine and become a part of a collective holistic health practice that provides culturally competent and social justice-oriented services to underserved communities. In the meantime, he enjoys learning languages, food challenges, and hiking trails. He also likes striped socks and pug puppies.

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