ANNOUNCING: The FYRE Circle Workshop for Filipin@ Youth

When I first signed on to work on The Bakla Show III, Executive Producer Shannon Lee Pacaoan excitedly told me that our theme for this third production would be Filipin@ queer youth experiences. I knew at once that this would be important and necessary work: The air was thick with urgency as the intense spotlight that has recently landed on LGBTQ teen suicide, bullying in schools and youth homelessness crashed into the erasure of youth of color experiences.

As a young queer Pin@y, I knew that the task of creating this particular production, however important, necessitated a careful and accountable hand. With this in mind, the creation of a production that would actively feature the voices of young people rather than serve as a space only for adult allies to reflect upon their own youth experiences became a very important and immediate consideration of mine. To ensure The Bakla Show III would provide a safe space for queer Pin@y youth expression, Shannon and I took a couple of measures: First, as our production team continues to expand, I make an active effort to recruit fellow Pin@y youth. As recently announced, we’ve welcomed two transitional age youth to our production team!

Today, however, the production team rolls out a new aspect of The Bakla Show III:

I am proud to announce that the team has been hard at work to develop the first ever Filipin@ Youth Resiliency and Empowerment Circle or The FYRE Circle!

To begin on April 26, The five session series invites high school aged youth (14-18) to participate in a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build LGBTQ and ally Filipin@ community, develop leadership skills and competency in social justice issues, and workshop a unique piece to be developed for The Bakla Show III stage show!

Details of The FYRE Circle are outlined in our official press release and the application to attend can be found HERE. Please pass the application along to any potential participants and connect with us if you would like us to do outreach at your school site or organization.

With love and in solidarity,

photo by Micca de Joya


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