The Bakla Show 3 Accepted into United States Asian American Festival

The Bakla Show 3 has been honored with being invited to participate in the 17th Annual United States of Asian America Festival 2014 ‘The Spaces Between’. Read production team member’s account of the opening reception below:


The Bakla Show 3 Postcards

The Bakla Show 3 Postcards


Thursday, May 1st was the opening reception for the United States Asian American Festival (USAAF) at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco. I arrived on my bike with 500 freshly printed postcards, eager to see what sort of art would be set up in the gallery, and all of the Asian American artists I would meet. The gallery was also the opening night of the Eating Cultures Visual Art Exhibit. I have only lived in the bay for two months at the time of this writing, and a large part of my decision was because of the queer and Asian American arts community here, so I had a little bit of eager anticipation on my way to the reception.

I was not disappointed! The Eating Cultures exhibit was fresh, unique art that explored perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of Asian American culture: food. No matter whether we are second or third generation Asian Americans, no matter whether we grew up fluently speaking the languages of our parents or grandparents, we all can connect through food—in my case, I did not grow up speaking Tagalog or Bisaya, as my family in the Philippines does, but I did grow up with lumpia, sinigang sa sampalok, and adobo. While some might say these are the most token of pin@y cuisine, I think the meaning we attach to these foods, especially as a younger generation, connects us in very important ways to our ancestors and their homelands.

I was ecstatic to meet some of the other queer Asian American performers and artists, and to hear about their upcoming shows as a part of USAAF. The most exciting and unique show, I might say, is Jaq Victor’s “Gender Assimilation: A Rebuttal,” a self-described ‘coming out tale about identity politics and butts.’ This was the community I’ve been searching for ever since I began studying the growing field of Queer Filipin@ Studies three years ago; a young, vibrant community that incorporates social justice with cutting edge art and performance. The coming month will be one to mark your calendar with all the events USAAF has to offer. The Bakla Show 3 will be the last event to close the Festival in early-June, so whet your appetite for Asian American performance by attending these other USAAF events!

– Riko




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