Vince Crisostomo, Co-Facilitator, Helps The FYRE Circle Get Creative For Stage

I am writing on the night before the last FYRE Circle session and I am sitting with more than a few emotions. With this work, I found myself very quickly dropping the pretense that this endeavor was entirely selfless: As much as I am one of the space’s facilitators, I knew that there was so much for me to glean from the small time we would share as a space.

I have no doubt that I owe much of the learning I’ve done in the past few weeks to my co-facilitator Vince Crisostomo. Alongside The Bakla Show III’s amazing liaison to and Interim Artistic Director of Bindlestiff Studios Alan Quismorio, Vince has facilitated the portions of our workshops that have challenged participants to get creative with the intention of fashioning a piece for our stage production in mind.

I could attempt to bat off a list of accomplishments for our esteemed guest, but  honestly wouldn’t be able to do justice to Vince and his commitment to social justice, the arts and community. What I am more than happy to say is that in the short weeks that we have collaborated, Vince’s presence has been textured with years of experience, wisdom and grace. His work with my other co-facilitators and the youth participants regularly challenges our comfort with creative expression, willingness to be vulnerable and intentional presence with one another.

I and all those with whom I’ve shared space in the FYRE Circle are really blessed to have fostered an intergenerational space of learning and growth with such a veteran of the theatre and mentor as Vince.



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