Art by Amy Diaz-Infante

The Bakla Show continues to further explore what it means to be Filipino and queer. And it is only a natural development that we would return this year with an intensity to examine our queer identities through Filipino myths, legends, and folktales. Powerful tools to communicate and instill our traditions and culture; therefore, ultimately constructing our reality and identity. For, at the heart of these stories is the heart of the Filipino people. The origins of us.


Program Line Up

Malakas at Maganda
Written by Aimee Espiritu and Shannon Pacaoan, Directed by Aimee Espiritu
Choreographed by Christina Ying
Shadow Choreographed by Sarita Ocon
Performed by Gemma Calderon, Cristina Mitra, Elaine Joy Ronquillo, McLendell ‘Skye’ Silvano  and the Shadow Players
Music by Ron Quesada
Hagatha (Act 1)
Written by Alexis Dayers, Directed by Kat Evasco
Cast: Melvign Badiola, Melissa Diaz-Infante and Jamie Nallas
Tude and Gratitude
Written by Edgar Poma, Directed by Allan S. Quismorio
Cast: Jean Franco (June 3-5), Brian Batugo (June 10-12)
Letters to La Muse Diwata
Written and Directed by Alberto Vajrabukka
Choreographed and Performed by Edmer Lazaro and Robert Tiscareno
Music by Bryan Pangalinan, OJ Pahati and Ernesto Andrade
Isa Makes Three
Written by Michelle Ferrer, Directed by Judith Ferrer
Cast: Kathleen Gutierrez, Michelle Ferrer, Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales, Rose Almario, Angelica Posadas
Hagatha: (ACT 2)


Aswang: The Creation Story
Written by Nico Dacumos, Directed by Aureen Almario
Performed by the Shadow Players
Beneath the Skin (A Buffalo’s Heart Beats 96 BPM)
Written by Emmanuel Romero, Directed by John Caldon
Cast: Allan Manalo and Aaron Niles
Shadow Choreographed by Susanna Yu
Sound Design by Matt Stines
Viewer Discretion Advised (Tape #96)
Written by Emmanuel Romero, Directed by John Caldon
Cast: Cesar Cadabes, Romeo Ferrer and Kathleen Gutierrez
Sound Design by Matt Stines
She Doesn’t Know Her Beauty
Developed and Directed by Dianne Chui
Choreographed by Christina Ying
Cast: Paulina Almazan
Hagatha: (Act 3)
Sesa at Makata
Written by Yael Villafranca, Directed by Lorna Velasco
Cast: Ria Oblea, Tina Shauf
Music by Jocelyn de Leon