Call for Submissions 2013

THE BAKLA SHOW Call for Submissions

The Bakla Show seeks poetry, prose and visual art that explore the experiences of LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@ youth

The Bakla Show 3 Image by Conrad PanganibanThe Bakla (Tagalog word for “gay”) Show, a groundbreaking theatrical production that explores the experiences of LGBTQ Filipinos and Filipinas, seeks submissions that explore the experiences of LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@ youth. Chosen submissions will participate in a full-stage theatrical production at Bindlestiff Studio in the heart of the SoMa district in San Francisco, and we will expand to also select works to be published in an anthology with Glover Lane Press focused on the same theme.

The Bakla Show was created in 2006 to begin a new movement to reclaim the term ‘BAKLA’ and to be inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer F/Pilipin@ identities. And we continue to dedicate our mission to educate, challenge, and encourage dialogue among and between different ethnic and sexually diverse communities by means of increasing the visibility of F/Pilipin@ American LGBTQ/GNC experience.

The Bakla Show 3 seeks to explore the textured and multidimensional experiences of LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@ youth struggles, hardships and turmoil and to bring to the forefront the celebrations, joy and love.

“The fine and performing arts provide a way for young people to explore the Asian American experience, develop a healthy ethnic identity, and identify with others who have had similar experiences.” – Yellowworld: Depression & Suicidal Ideation among Young Asian Americans (2004)

We encourage established and novice LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@ writers, especially LGBTQ/GNC F/Pilipin@ youth, across the nation to participate. At this time, we are accepting submissions from participants age 18 and older. All submissions will be reviewed and chosen by a panel of esteemed writers, artists, and community leaders and co-edited by production team Shannon Lee L. Pacaoan and Lolan Buhain Sevilla.

Writers selected to be included in the anthology will receive a complimentary digital copy of the completed anthology and receive basic marketing for other projects contributors are currently involved in.


Submission Period Begins: August 28, 2013
Submission Period Ends: November 30, 2013 December 31, 2013
Accepted entrants will be notified: January 6, 2014 TBD


  • Email submissions to with Subject Line: “BAKLA SHOW 3 Submission: TITLE_Last Name, First Name.
  • Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM PST on November 30, 2013 December 31, 2013.
  • Documents should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx) or PDF formats. Please format your document legibly (standard margins, legible font like Helvetica or Times New Roman). Please be sure to include your last name and page number at the footer of each page.
  • Artwork should be emailed as low-resolution files.
  • Submissions can be poetry, prose or visual art.
  • Submissions must be focused on the theme of ‘LGTBQ/GNC F/PILIPIN@ YOUTH EXPERIENCES’. Though we encourage youth to submit, older adults are also welcome.
  • Submissions may be under consideration elsewhere, but please notify us immediately if your story is accepted for publication. The Bakla Show retains first publication rights and the right to publish a portion of the story on its website. All rights revert to the author upon The Bakla Show 3’s entrance into post-production.
  • You agree to have your entry to The Bakla Show 3 for use in promotional purposes.
  • All submissions must include a cover letter or video introduction (upload to YouTube with ‘The Bakla Show 3 Video Introduction’ in your video’s title and email us link) that provides:

1. Name, contact details and any pertinent biological information of the participant.
2. Include a brief publication history for the piece you are submitting.
3. Why you want to be chosen to be produced in The Bakla Show 3.
4. Why you believe your particular script is important for inclusion in The Bakla Show 3.
5. Why such a project is important to you and your communities.


5 responses to “Call for Submissions 2013

  1. Hello, I’m a little confused by the submission guideline: Submissions can be poetry, prose or visual art. Being that this is a theatrical production, will Plays be accepted as well? This is in part to Question 4: Why you believe your particular script is important for inclusion in The Bakla Show 3.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  2. I have a bunch of poems I just read through… I think it’s time to share them… Or, just one. 😛

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