The Bakla Show Presents John Vincent Aranda’s CITY OF TRANSIENTS

For  Immediate Release
Media Contact: Shannon Pacaoan,

London-based Filipino Collage Artist John Vincent Aranda Exhibits at Bindlestiff Studio, San Francisco

JV Aranda - Artist Pic

John Vincent Aranda is a first-generation Filipino-American Artist, raised in San Diego, California and now based in London, after graduating from Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London) in 2009. Specializing in Collage and Photography, JVA has exhibited internationally and was recently featured in “The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art” published by Gestlaten, an international survey of Artists working within the medium. JVA has also been commissioned to create work for the Bluebird Chelsea Restaurant and South Place Hotel in London, and the Borsa Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, all of which are owned by Conran & Partners and D&D London, two of the leading design companies globally. Currently, JVA lives and works in London with his boyfriend and is preparing to begin an MFA at the prestigious Central St. Martins later this year. “The Bakla Show 3” marks the first time his work has been exhibited in the U.S.A.

“City Of Transients” is a Collage series exploring immigration and it’s effects on interpersonal relationships, using comics from the Philippines as source imagery to create new narratives with a stylistic nod to American Pop Art to parallel the theme of outsiders experiencing and delving into a foreign culture.

ARTIST STATEMENT: As a Collage artist, it is with an enthusiastic curiosity and an obsessive work ethic that I strive to explore the possibilities of the medium, both technically and conceptually, through my practice, working in both the classic cut and paste Collage technique and digitally. Through Collage, artists can essentially act as time-travellers of sorts, wading through our shared visual history, to subvert and recontextualize imagery that could otherwise go forgotten and unseen.

My ethos as an artist is simple: to use Collage as a method to tell stories, while doing so in a thoughtful, coherent and visually interesting manner. It is my aim to create work that is both reflective of my experiences and celebratory of the past, while keeping a firm eye on constructing work that, despite being culled from different time periods, is still evocative of and could only be conceived in the era we currently live in.

“City of Transients” exhibition will be from June 7 – June 28, 2014 at Bindlestiff Studio located at 185 6th Street (@ Howard), San Francisco, CA 94103. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, June 7 at 7PM.  The exhibition is Free and open to the public.

ABOUT THE BAKLA SHOW: The Bakla Show was created in 2006 to begin a new movement to reclaim the term ‘BAKLA’ (Tagalog word used as a pejorative for effeminate men) and to be inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender and queer F/Pilipin@ identities. They continue to dedicate to their mission to educate, challenge, and encourage dialogue among and between different ethnic and sexually diverse communities by means of increasing the visibility of F/Pilipin@ American LGBTQ/GNC experience with a fully-staged theatrical production: The Bakla Show 3, focused on F/Pilipin@ LGBTQ/GNC youth experiences. Production runs at Bindlestiff Studio in the San Francisco SOMA District from June 12-28.

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Image 1 John Vincent Aranda, ILLEGAL ALIENS, 2011.

Image 1
John Vincent Aranda, ILLEGAL ALIENS, 2011.


Image 2 John Vincent Aranda, LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, 2011.

Image 2
John Vincent Aranda, LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, 2011.


Image 3 John Vincent Aranda, LOVE TRIANGLES, 2011.

Image 3
John Vincent Aranda, LOVE TRIANGLES, 2011.




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