Thao Nguyen Joins Production Team & Grant Writing


The Production Team is busy wrapping up a few grant submissions due this week. The process of preparing The Bakla Show 3’s project proposal and work samples have inspired us to honestly sit with our purpose and vision, how to execute this new production, and who we would like to connect and build with. (Below, watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ to help focus your own mission and projects).

One grant program requires the involvement of an ‘humanities advisor’. This advisor is to help assist us approach our production critically and analytically from a humanities perspective. And we are honored, humbled and excited to have Thao Nguyen (solo performer, writer, producer and academic scholar) accept the role of our project advisor.

We will reveal more about Thao and her impressive background on our production team page later this week.

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